METUnic is established by METU Development Foundation in March of 2019, with the experience of METU, one of the most outstanding universities in Turkey in the field of informatics.

METUnic, although being a recently established company, has taken the road together with a team of 21 years experience in the field of internet minding the public benefit, know how and experience. It is composed of an experienced team who carried out the first internet connection in the country in 1991, responsible for registration and administration of “.tr” domain names since 1998, established and managed its own technical infrastructures.

Our company which just stepped in the informatics sector with the name of METUnic, targets to provide quality services to its customers with the help of the specialists in their field, its infrastructure open to improvement and services focusing on customer satisfaction.

METUnic is an establishment of METU Development Foundation.

MISSION: To provide a service that is experienced in the field of informatics, based on advanced technology, reputable, reliable and meets the needs of the customer.

VISION: To be the first company that sets out with the knowledge of METU, original, open to development, solution-oriented and the first company that comes to mind in its field.

Company Information

Trade Registry Number: 431524

E-mail Address: info@metunic.com.tr

Audit: Information and Communication Technologies Authority