For domain names allocated with a document, you can change the owner. For this, you must submit the official document showing the change.
In the My Domain Names section, click on the “Information” button to the right of the domain name you want to change. You can make address, e-mail, phone and postal code changes in the “Owner Information” field on the left side.

You can find out how many days before a domain name becomes void from the sites that provide Whois Inquiry service. Whois service is not provided by METUnic, but you can access this information from TRABIS website where you can make Whois Inquiry.

For domain names allocated with a document, a change of owner can be made. The transfer and sale of domain names are prohibited in accordance with TRABIS rules, except in the following cases.

  1. If the domain name in question was allocated with a “trademark application certificate or trademark registration certificate” at the time of registration and this trademark is transferred to a person or organization other than the current person or organization, the owner information can be changed. The factor to be considered in the change of domain name owner to be made by trademark transfer is the trademark application number. For example, if the domain name application was allocated with the trademark application number yyyy/xxx, in order to update the owner information, this trademark with the number yyyy/xxx must have been transferred to the company to be transferred. In this case, you must submit the trademark transfer certificate to the TPI.
  2. If the registered organization that appeared as the owner on the date the domain name was allocated has been closed and “a new organization has been opened with the same owner or owners”, the owner information can be changed. In this case, you must submit a copy of the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette showing the title change.
  3. On the date the domain name is allocated, if the organization registered as the owner “has a change of title”, the owner information can be changed. In this case, you must submit a copy of the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette showing the change of title.
  4. If a domain name registered with the naming right of a foreign company or brand has been transferred to a Turkish company with a distributorship certificate and this situation has changed later, the owner information may change. In this case, you must submit the current distributorship certificate and authorization letter.

Requests and documents for domain name owner change transactions are evaluated by TRABIS, the authorized institution. In the new system, domain name owner information update requests can be submitted from the customer panel. You can submit your documents to TRABIS by following the steps below:

  • Click on the “Information” button next to the domain name you want to process.
  • Click on the “Transfer” tab in the list that opens, fill in the online request form and click on the “Continue Transfer” button.
  • You can save your request by clicking on the “Accept Change of Owner” text on the screen.
  • After the change of owner request is submitted, you can submit the documents by clicking the “Upload Documents” button on the Pending .tr Extension Domain Name Transactions page.

In order for the change of owner/transfer to be made, you must submit documents during domain name registration. Otherwise, the evaluation will not be accepted by TRABIS.

It has been decided that .tr domain name sales will be possible three (3) years after TRABIS becomes operational. When the exact date and detailed information regarding the relevant service is announced by the authorized registry authority, we will inform our customers simultaneously.