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METUnic increases your chances of registering the domain name you pre-order before anyone else by showing 98% registration success in .TR pre-orders, which it has shown during the undocumented transition period.

Domain Name Specific Application

The METUnic pre-order system accepts only one order for each domain name. If there is already an application for a specific domain name, someone else cannot create a pre-order for the same domain name.

100% Refund

If your pre-order is unsuccessful, the full amount you paid will be refunded to your credit card or wallet without any charges.

Unconditional Registration

If your pre-order is successful, the domain name for which the order was created will be immediately activated in your panel without any conditions.

Pre-Order Process Steps

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Enter the ".tr" domain that you want to apply for in the domain name search field.

Add to basket, Checkout

Add the domain you pre-order to the basket and complete the payment.

Wait for the Process

Please wait for the completion of the process for the registration of pre-orders.

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You can start using it by logging into your panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

“.TR” domains are domain names that don’t contain other extensions like “com, org, net,” and end with the country code “.TR.” These domain names in the format “example.tr” are preferred for their shorter length, which makes them easier to remember.

You can review the blog post for the details of creating a pre-order from your METUnic account.

The pre-order fee for a 1-year “.TR” domain is 240₺ + VAT. There are no other service charges or additional fees.
You will be applying for the .TR extension domain name you want to register with the pre-order process. Therefore, a 1-year registration process will be carried out. When the domain name you applied for is registered, you can renew the domain name for 1-5 years.

The “first come, first served” period for “.TR” domains begins after the evaluation of the 3rd category applications, which will conclude in August 2024. Your pre-order application result will be reflected in your panel in August, either as approved or denied. Once your domain is approved, you can start using it.

If your pre-order fails, you will be notified via email. The entire fee you paid will be refunded to your METUnic wallet for failed pre-orders.

Your pre-order applications will be sent to the authority TRABİS in August 2024. Domain reservations will be made by TRABİS, based on the order in which the applications are received. You will be notified of the result of your pre-order application.

While evaluating pre-orders, TRABİS will not consider any domain name hierarchy (such as kep.tr, av.tr, dr.tr, com.tr, org.tr, net.tr, gen.tr, web.tr, name.tr, info.tr, biz.tr, tv.tr, bbs.tr, and tel.tr).
A “.TR” domain emphasizes your brand’s presence in Turkey, enhancing reliability and prestige. It allows you to create shorter and easier-to-remember domain names, making it easier for visitors to find and share your site. If you’re expanding into global markets, the “.TR” domain, representing Turkey’s country code, provides a strong foundation.
To determine if you have priority application rights, check these conditions: If you owned a domain ending in one of the following extensions—kep.tr, av.tr, dr.tr, com.tr, org.tr, net.tr, gen.tr, web.tr, name.tr, info.tr, biz.tr, tv.tr, bbs.tr, or tel.tr—before August 25, 2023, you may have priority registration rights. If you don’t meet these conditions, you can create a pre-order for the “.TR” domain you want to register.
Yes, you can create a group application by separating domain names with commas.

After August, when the “first come, first served” system becomes active, “.TR” domains will be available for instant reservation. Thus, by creating a pre-order, you can secure the domain you want before others.

Moreover, once a domain name has a pre-order application, additional applications for that domain name cannot be made, so early pre-ordering increases your advantage.

Your pre-order applications will be sent to TRABİS in August. Domain reservations will be made by TRABİS based on the order in which the applications are received.

Domain reservation for pre-orders will be handled by TRABİS, based on the order in which applications are received. METUnic, with its 98% registration success rate during the “document-free transition period,” aims to increase your chances of reserving your desired domain before others by ensuring the earliest possible application.